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Watch Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Full Movie Online

    Watch Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Full Movie OnlineShaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Cast & Crew : Complete information about Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana movies like Hero Name, Heroine Name, Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Movie Review Rating..

    Watch Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Full Movie Online

    (Watch Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Full Movie Online)

    About the Movie :

    A dramatic love story set against the civil services in our country. Sattu (Rajkumar Rao) and Arti (Kriti Kharbanda) meet for a proposed arranged marriage and fall in love.Everything is going well till the night of the wedding. A runaway bride, a heartbroken groom and the confused family are all left at the alter.

    Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Cast :

    Rajkummar Rao Satyendra Mishra
    Kriti Kharbanda Aarti Shukla
    Govind Namdeo Shyam Sunder Shukla
    Navni Parihar Manju Shukla
    Manoj Pahwa Jogi
    Vipin Sharma Mahesh
    K. K. Raina Jugal Kishore Mishra

    Crew :

    Ratna Sinha Director
    Deepak Mukut Producer
    Kamal Pandey Writer
    Anand Raj Anand Musician
    Arko Pravo Mukherjee Musician, Lyricist
    Ahmed Khan Choreographer
    Umesh Jadhav Choreographer
    Adil Shaikh Choreographer
    Kumaar Lyricist
    Shakeel Azmi Lyricist
    Kunaal Vermaa Lyricist
    Suresh Beesaveni Cinematographer
    Ballu Saluja Editor
    Pradeep Singh Art Director
    Aroop Adhikari Art Director

    Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Movie Review :

    1.Abhit Khurana

    “Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana” The name itself says that the movie is based on marriage invitation but then the truth is that it is not all about marriage.

    The flick is based on a story of a young duo from UP who fell in love within their first meet for setting up an arranged marriage and despite the fact that initially, everything gets so perfect but then the real roller coaster of life starts just before the duo is about to get married. The story is a mixed bag of elements like love, emotions.

    2.Praveen Ramachandran

    Ratnaa Sinha’s Directorial debut Shaadi Me Zaroor Aana makes for a delightful watch. It is about two simple and ordinary middle class people, Satyendra Mishra ( Sattu ) played by Rajkumar Rao and Aarti Shukla played by Kriti Kharbanda , who are soon to be married. How Aarti decides to follow her dreams and parts ways from Sattu and how life gets them back together… after which it turns into a roller coaster is what the movie is all about.

    3.Niraj Patel

    Excellent Movie!
    I’ve gone through majority of the public reviews of this movie and observed some of women hated this movie because of 2 main reasons (1) Dowry and (2) No permission to girl to work by her in-laws. But I must say director has successfully able to justify this changing belief of the society that girls are equally eligible to build successful career putting scene of Aarti’s quit on the wedding night and that itself gives more importance to career than love. So, I don’t understand.

    4.Nishant Jha

    Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana is a 2017 romantic drama film about a girl and a boy who are brought together by a marriage proposal and fall in love with each other but on the night of their marriage, destiny takes the two of them in two different directions. The movie is a perfect Bollywood film with love songs, romantic U-turns, 2 warring families and a an expected ending with a twist. I had a fairly good time watching this except the last 30 minutes which were a complete drag and should have been ed.

    5.Abhinav Bhatnagar

    I don’t like love or romantic movies, generally. But this movie surprised me. It has a great plot. And the story doesn’t revolve around small family dramas and problems. Revenge part and another part, overall this movie is great.
    Spoiler Warning:
    || Rajkumar Rao and heroine meet …. in an arranged marriage situation arranged by their parents. Both liked each other, spend time with each other and find that they both feel good and comfortable. But the problem lies within their family members.

    6.Dolan Bhowmik

    To me ‘Jab we met’ is for Kareena while ‘Shaadi Mein Jarur Aana’ is for Kriti. Rajkumar Rao has done extremely well as is expected and the chemistry between these two principal characters is the driving force of this movie. The simplicity of Rao & Kriti in the first half is so charming while their confrontations in second half seem like damn real and I regard them as the best moments. Although the story line is an average one but these two have made it possible to tie up the viewers with the sea

    7.Neha Singh Rajpoot

    Just awesome……”shadi mein zaroor aana” makes for a delightful watch.It is about two simple ordinary middle class people satyendra mishra played by rajkumar rao which is really very impressive and aarti shukla played by kutti kharbanda,who is looking so charming in the entire movie.They are soon to be married but aarti decides to follow her dreams and she chooses her career instead of her love and parts away from satyendra and life get them back together.
    The story is a mixed bag elements of emotions,love,betrayal,arguments,career,revenge and social evils like dowry and corruption.A krti,’s choice of joining civil service turned out to be a blessing for satyendra even it was to throw a professional fight at her.
    Nevertheless worth watching this film for brilliant star cast performances ,story flow,songs are so soulful and outstanding screenplays😊.

    8.shilpa suri

    Overall, it is a good movie. But I wish, Satyendra played by Rajkumar Rao never married Aarti played by Kriti Kharbanda in the climax. I would be happier if the movie ended this way.There are few reasons I feel this. Without consulting Satyendra, Aarti runs away from the wedding and his family suffers. If dowry was the reason, she had to reject for the marriage in the first place but she did not. Also, in one of the scenes, Satyendra mentions that she never tried contacting her family and did not ask sorry for her acts. She starts feeling guilty only when she meets him after 5 years and he is the investigating officer of her case which will throw her into prison if she is found culpable.But in the end, he ends up marrying her. Typical cliched Bollywood movie.Yet, it is a one time watch. The entire cast has performed well and Rajkumar Rao is amazing as always.

    9.Aditya Banerjee

    Excellent Excellent and Excellent. Best Romantic movie after a long time. We will fall in Love with Kriti Kharbanda with the first time. She is very charming and she successfully pays tribute to her charecter. Rajkumar Rao is also good and pays tribute to his charecter. The songs are all mindblowing. At the first and last part of the movie they successfully create their love saga. After interval this movie gives a message to us the true strength of Love, to be with your Love and to be for your Love even we misunderstands our Love. So buddies this is a one time must watch movie for everyone. Aisi Shaadi Mein Har Kisi Ko Aana Chahiye.

    10.Varun Agarwal

    Just saw Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana and it was just too good….. Nice romantic comedy with some melodrama thrown in for good measure….. About boy and girl arranged to be married and then career ego and misunderstandings come in between and girl runsaway from the mandap and then later they meet again in life and the boy seething with badle ki bhaavna and having an upper hand dictates terms and then in the end there is a twist….. Do they fall in love again??? Watch it to find out….. Great screenplay with Rajkumar Rao as I have said earlier becoming the Om Puri of this generation…. Always undertoned but a power packed performance each time…. Kriti Kharbanda looks a million bucks and is so cute, beautiful and adorable…. there were a few liberties taken by the director with the script but I certainly recommend this one.

    11.Hetvi Shah

    Rajkumar Rao’s acting is Top Class !

    Movies address social problems and offer solutions to them, at times oversimplified ones and these have to be dealt with in a span of 100-150 mins. This movie deals with dowry, women emancipation, arrange marriages and patriarchy. These are the problems a director faces and yet has to choose whether to entertain the viewers or sermonize them. While choosing to do the former Ratna Sinha leaves a simple message (I am not sure if she meant to): don’t fight with these problems, transcend them! All the characters have looked beyond a particular stereotype, scores a 100% there. It didn’t seem as if any of them were after justifying any ideology or dogma or preconceived notion, they were just guided by the demands of the situation. They just were, and did justice to there characters. The movie opens convincingly. The guy and gal are both apprehensive of the prospects but then they get along emphatically. There is humor. There is romance, honest and of an innocent kind. Then there is reality interspersed, about dowry-bargaining and the modicum of its acceptance, a sister trying to help; a mother keeping traditions- even if wrong. Another mother breaking them for her daughter. Both fathers fighting for there honor and the best for their children. First half ends with the girl running away minutes before her marriage but not without feeling for the groom. Second half begins with the possibility of revenge but the whole idea is passe. Hence the writer did well to avoid an all-out vengeful scenario. A scene or two may seem a little odd for the charade but in hindsight ‘Sattu’, in love as he was in, couldn’t have disclosed his intentions for the sake of the plot of the movie. Rao’s acting is great. Kriti’s is superb. She looks like the dream- girl through and through and in addition is honest and unegotistical- unlike men- for the entire duration. In fact one should laud her for, what others may call- even if exceptionally- a stretched ending. She is the one who portrays love, unconditional love, in this period. All in all this movie is a great watch except for those bitter in love. Shaadi mein zaroor jana!

    One time watch movie!

    12.Jahnvi Singh

    I had a huge crush on Rajkummar after watching the song Mera Intkam Dekhegi 😍😍😍
    I wanted to know the full story. When I saw the movie, I was amazed at the beautiful content.
    It’s a romantic film based on two people who meet for an arranged marriage and fall in love with each other.
    I liked the concept of the girl Aarti ( Kriti Kharbanda) running away on wedding day and the boy Sattu (Rajkummar Rao) taking, ‘Intkam’. But I really wanted these two lovers to meet at the end.
    No one can say that they hadn’t enjoyed.
    I liked the second half of the movie when Rajkummar becomes an IAS officer….
    I have never seen such an amazing film. I think the directors and producers should make another such films…

    13.Bharat Mallapur

    Excellent movie… the romantic first half is very sweet and endearing. The second half is intense without being painful. The ending could have been orchestrated a bit better, but is nice in its own way.

    Kriti has acted very well, and portrays her character convincingly. I’m a fan!

    Rajkumar Rao will have you believe in his character. His puppy love and good hearted guy act will have you rooting for him, and even when he enacts his serious role, you sympathize with him even while disliking his callousness.

    I loved this movie, and feel that it should have been a hit. Unfortunately, it might not have gelled with the front benchers due to it’s touchy-feely subject about a couple.

    Songs are amazing, direction is excellent.

    10/10 from me. Would love to watch this again. I’ll buy the DVD once it releases.

    14.Dipesh Harijan

    I ended up watching this movie 5 times and I still can’t get enough. What I really feel bad about it is that had I known that this movie was this good with extremely realistic performance and very great storyline I would’ve watched it in the theatre more than once, because movies like this comes very rarely these days. I Hate that this movie didn’t do well in the box office, I wish it would’ve crossed 200 crore, it deserved it. But anyways I’ll never forget the charm and the magic Aarti possessed in her acting, I bet she stole everyone’s heart away with equally excellent performance by Satyendra. It will always remain as one of the best movies that I ever watched.

    15.Oshin Dutta

    It is a nicely written story which is relatable and satisfying. The story brings in some expected twists and turns but is oddly not boring at all. Probably its all because of Rajkumar Rao’s brilliant acting and dialogue delivery which wont let your mind wander! Kriti Kharbanda looks gorgeous and has an ability to make every scene colourful. This movie has some great supporting actors who give weight to every scene and beautifully take the story forward.

    This movie is definitely worth a watch!

    Simple..yet satisfying!

    16.Mohit raj

    This movie came in 2017…but I see it in 2022..Ek trah se it’s quite well because mai tb 15 yrs ka tha.. and now I’m 20 so I get and understand the story track more firmly!!
    Now the point is What the picture is about…! It’s all about name “Shadi mai jarur aana”… Aarti shukla and Satyendr meet to each other beyond of their parents who wanna them to get arranged marriage… They meet each other. Talk each other.. And soon fall in love.. But the track is completely change when Aarti run away at time of her wedding…
    Rest story track k liye movie dekho and its one of the movie which connectconnect u with his track. . Raj kumar Rao is fab as always. . Kriti Kharbanda stole ur hurt with her simplicity and cuteness❤… I give it 4.5 rating!!

    17.Aster Dcosta

    Just watched Shaadi mein zaroor aana. Watched the trailer and was really intrigued by it. For me the movie was so freaking amazing that I watched it twice. It even show’s more truth about marriage and it’s pressure on the girl and her family these days. As well as many feelings of love,hate,anger and regret. It also shows that too much hatred can sometimes lead to a whole lot of regret later. Then we always ask the question WHAT IF ? after all of it is over. But I’m happy the couple finally forgive each other and come to terms with one another. Truly this move made my day. Really loved it.

    18.Mohit Patil

    One of the worst movie ever in matter of social views.
    Sattu a IAS officer holding a prestigious position in government being a district level gazetted officer rather than solving popular problems only tries to set personal goals using his authority and power.

    This sets a common belief in people that with power you can do whatever you want do, you use it as a personal tool to solve “your’s” problem. There is no doubt many young generation kids now feeling motivated after watching this movie they think that yes this is the way to take revenge of people. This what we called “negative motivation”.
    IAS is key position in government he can do so many things like policy formation, local reforms, maintaining a corruption free administration, things like which would have direct or indirect positive impact on people. Movies like this which shows these above things are delivering “positive motivation”. This is needed in our society not sattu like thinking who is using his position in his private matters.
    Considering a huge impact of Bollywood movies on mindset of Indian people, movies like this are seriously not welcomed.


    Well I don’t know about others..but I personally feel this movie is one of the best movies I have watched till date…i can easily relate as a small towned girl…what happens in today’s the arranged marriages are fixed, sacrificing one’s dreams, the mentality, a sweet & sour love story and a lot more things…I personally loved this movie…the love story part is awesome and the songs are wonderful….😍
    This always have been in my favorite list…
    The cast did a superb job…👌
    Main leads, Kriti kharbanda and rajkumar rao did justice to the characters…💯
    I have already watched this movie like 6 times and gonna watch it again…it’s a good watch overall..😊

    Must give it a try…👍

    20.Bivash Baidya

    Its was good film on front of acting ,story ,music everything is much better than so called big star’s main stream masala bollywood films .i really surprised with the collection and review of film. As audiuence come to theatre by only big name in cast for total garbage fiilm. This film is all about adressing social issue ( dowri , ineuallity , and conflict of persnality mesh with love story. Final verdict it good to watch family entertainer great acting by all cast and heart touching music…good to see screen share by rajkumar and kirti lets hope them pair again in good project.

    21.Nisa Singh

    It is a good one time watched movie for timepaas. Rajkumar Rao as usual like always do the best act and Kriti Kharbanda do well too. But the story is not satisfying, atleast not for me Badrinath ki Dulhania movie story is better than this movie. Atleast there Badri understand Vaidehi, her situation, her problems. Because, there are some reasons at first, I want to talk about the end Satyendra do all the things in the movie for his family but at last when he marries her now Is his family allowed her to do job?! 😒. It was not just about shaadi topic just as the title said it’s a cliche revenge story and the typical bollywood ending. The story was fully focused and highlighted that Aarti ran away from her wedding and Satyendra take the revenge for his family. But I didn’t like that no ones ….ok let it be anyone but even Satyendra don’t understand her that , that time when she ran away no one listened her. Nobody cares that she can be a officer. If her uncle didn’t do the dowry matter then what happened to His family it would happened to Her family. After that, Did Satyendra still take the revenge to her ?! Anyway, let’s talk about what happen in the movie ok he take his “revenge” but he didn’t think about once that his family took dowry from her family if he was open minded and good enough then why didn’t he stop his parents. I’m just talking something but there are some more reasons for not likening the story mostly the ending because it’s not clear enough there are so many Questions in end. Anyway,
    I give this movie 2/5 stars because of Rajkumar Rao’s acting and Kriti’s Charms

    22.akshay kurray

    May my feedback will make somebody or many of you laugh but the feedback is real.I have fallen in love with my one of classmate girl but did not proposed her throughout the school time and we left the school. After that I have been waiting for her call just to say whatever I want to say her, thinking all the day. Finally a day came and proposed her in all the way of my feelings that I had for her but she rejected. Unexpected reply broke me hardly. So I thought to do something that is done by our hero in the movie. And the whole movie is what about my dream but except one thing to marry with another girl.

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