The Wolf And The Goat Story In English | Wolf And The Goat Story

The Wolf And The Goat Story In English | Wolf And The Goat Story Hello friends, today I am going to tell you the story of wolf and goat, so read the full post and don’t forget to share it with your friends when you like it. Thank you.

The Fox And The Goat Moral Story In English
The Fox And The Goat Moral Story In English

The Wolf And The Goat Story In English | Wolf And The Goat Story

In a hut outside the forest lived a goat and her seven little sweet puppies. The goat loved her puppies very much and she was raising them carefully.

The goat had to go out to fetch hay, and at that time the goat was alone in the house.

So when she went out to fetch the same goat fruit and grass to warn them, she called the children and said, “Look, children, I am going out. You all stay here and close the door and do not let any stranger open the door.”

Pill says: Yes, mother, but we will know you, but how will we know that you are out the door?

Goat: I will sing this song. Open the door. Babies, your mother has come and brought you some good food. Only when I hear this song, open the door.

Pill: Yes, mother, we know.

The goat picked up his basket and left, but a wolf whispered to the goat and her cubs.

Wolf: Ohoho, this is the secret I know about my party today.

The wolf ran to the goat’s house and started singing in his hoarse voice. Open the door.

Puppy: Oh mother, let’s think, let’s open the door, let’s say goat, another puppy, but how come mom came so early, goat, say third puppy, open the door, mother, bring a nice meal, as soon as another puppy says, wait, don’t open the door, I think this is your voice.

Your mother’s voice is very sweet and it sounds like a frog. All the puppies started laughing. Immediately the fourth puppy said yes to the second puppy.

A puppy walks near the door and says yes, you are definitely not our mother.

The wolf standing outside was annoyed and said oh baby I am your mother open the door. Pill: No, no, you can’t be our mother. Our mother’s voice is sweet. And your voice walks like a frog, yes from here.

The wolf will not be able to easily find the wrong chicks. Then he began to think. Hey, they understand my voice, but I don’t know what to do.

The wolf thought that drinking honey would make his voice sweet like a goat. He found a hive of bees in the forest and he drank honey from it. He came back to the goat’s house and knocked on the door.

I think a goat is saying a puppy, mother, another puppy, yes, yes, sound, but it is as sweet as a mother, but a third puppy. Let’s open the door, mother.

The puppy went to the door and peeked in. If he saw black legs then he would say this is not your mother.

The little puppy went to the door and said you are not our mother. Your feet are black and our mother’s feet are white.

The wolf was annoyed now and said that the puppy was very clever. He went to the mill in the village.

The wolf dipped his feet into the sack, and his feet were as white as a goat’s.

The wolf went back to the goat’s house and stood in front of the door and started singing. Open the door.

Puppies: But now when the other puppy looks through the cracks as sweet as the voice of the mother will be, he saw white legs and he said to the other puppies, the legs are white.

One of the puppies says no, don’t open the door, she is not the mother, there is someone else, but the rest of the puppies do not listen to the little puppy, and as soon as the door is opened, the wolf comes in the house and says I am your mother and I will not let you eat.

The baby goat was very frightened when he saw the wolf. It started screaming. The puppies started running here and there. Some of them started hiding from the wolves. Some of them hid behind the curtain.

Wolf: Now who will save you from me? As soon as I catch you, the wolf will find all the cubs one by one and tie them in a sack. And he put the vessel on his shoulder and went out into the woods singing a song.

The wolf lost sight of the wolf and slipped into the stove. The wolf did not notice it and read it.

After a while, when the goat came back to her house, she saw that the door of the house was open and all her belongings were in disarray. Came out and started crying.

The goat immediately hugged him and asked, “Where are all your siblings? The little puppy was crying and told everything to the goat.”

She said to the puppy, “Let’s find the wolf with me and bring the puppy.”
The wolf was walking in the forest with the vessel. He stopped for a while and he thought that he was resting for a while now.

The goat looking for the puppies heard the same roar. The goat saw the wolf sleeping comfortably. The puppies were moving in the bag.

At that moment, the youngest puppy brought a big stone and put it in the sack.

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