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Nitin and Rashi Khanna Movie List
(Nitin and Rashi Khanna Movie List)

Nitin and Rashi Khanna Movie List

Srinivasa Kalyanam Cast

Nithin as Indhukuri Srinivasa Raju “Vasu
Raashi Khanna as Padmaraju Sridevi “Sri
Nandita Swetha as Padmavati “Paddu”, Vasu’s cousin.
Prakash Raj as Padmaraju Radha Krishna (R.K), Sri’s father
Sithara as Lakshmi, Sri’s mother
Rajendra Prasad as Ramaraju, Vasu’s father
Aamani as Seeta, Vasu’s mother
Siva Krishna as Vasu’s Grandfather (Cameo Appearance)
Jayasudha as Vasu’s grandmother
Naresh as Raju, Padmavati’s father and Vasu’s paternal Uncle
Mamilla Shailaja Priya as Sarada, Padmavati’s mother and Vasu’s Paternal Aunt
Raja Chembolu as Kavya’s Husband (End credits)
Poonam Kaur as Kavya, Sri’s elder sister
Ajay as Ajay, wedding planner
Prabhas Sreenu as Seenu
Praveen as Praveen, Vasu’s friend who doesn’t believe in marriage system later marries Bujji.
Vidyullekha Raman as Bujji, Vasu’s friend later marries Praveen.
Satyam Rajesh as Rajesh, Vasu’s friend
Hari Teja as Shanti, Rajesh’s wife
RJ Hemath as Shekhar, Vasu’s friend
Lahari Shari as Priya, Shekhar’s fiance later wife and Vasu’s friend.
Josh Ravi as Prabhu, Vasu’s friend
Mahesh Achanta as Veerababu, servant
Gemini Kiran as Vasu’s Paternal Uncle.
Meena as Vasu’s paternal aunt
Prabhu as Vasu’s cousin
Annapurna as Vasu’s relative
Giri Babu as Vasu’s relative
Rajitha as Vasu’s relative
Subhalekha Sudhakar as Minister
Sivannarayana Naripeddi as Rao, Shekhar’s father.
Duvvasi Mohan as Minister’s PA
Deekshitulu as Priest
Namala Murthy
Appaji Ambarisha Darbha as Businessman

Srinivasa Kalyanam Movie Reviews

1.Pabitra Kr Das

This simply made extraordinary movie taught me some very real values and meanings we overlook in our everyday life. I would very much like to implement these values in my daily life. I wish there were more movies like this one, to present real meaning of life. Movies teach us a lot, like style, presentation, dialogues, motivation, new ideas and so much more and audience follows most of these in their real life to a great extent. This movie isn’t about romance or comedy or action or thriller or suspense, there is no negative presence in this movie, its about a simple and basic thing called values of life. I hope audience learns something from this movie and implement its meaning in their own real life and inspire others to do so, that will be the true success of this movie.

This is my first review of any movie ever. This is such a positive movie, I want all type of audience to watch it, its even dubbed in Hindi(I watched the hindi version as I don’t understand Telugu or any other south Indian language like Kannada, Tamil or Malayalam. But I do love their language, language of love and peace).

2.Puttu Guruprasad

My dear Director, Sathish Garu and Producer Dil Raju garu and hero NITHIN garu. First Hats Off to you all, because it is a gift for my silver jubilee marriage anniversary. Exactly on August 9th of 1993 is my marriage day. The same date was mentioned in the movie. I missed “Sathamanam Bavathi”. But I tried so many time to see the movie. But unable see the movie. But now I will buy the movie in Amazon Prime. The movie given me the sweet memories of my marriage with my lovely wife 25 years back. It has given me the reminiscence of my past glory with my family and friends. Story, Screenplay,Dialogues, Music , Photography, actors and locations all are very nice. In this generation Dil Raju sir is protecting and propagating the family traditions and values. As an Ethics faculty, I felt very very happy about the movie. I recommend to everyone in my college to see the movie. I am giving full rating for this movie. every aspect in the movie is taken care and dealt meticulously. Due to busy city life every one in the country missing this traditional marriages. But it is an eyeopener for every one. Once again hats off to the TRIO.

3.Marilyn Elisha

I would give this magical wonderful experience 10 🌟 if I could.
Although I am not Indian I can appreciate the traditions and everything that a hindu wedding means.

The acting was superb by all the cast…of course Grandma is a stand out but the bride and groom..the bride ‘s father and mother…all cast should really have special mention.
The family were so kind and wonderful and I wish every groom could be so perfect.

This was a true fairytale ..but the kind that every girl dreams of and every mother wishes for her daughter.

4.Jaish Chaudhary

I watched this more than 5 times. Every time I learnt new things from it. This movie is at the top of my favourite. It’s shows the real meaning of marriage and values. When I will marry, I will definitely follow each and every Pratha of the traditional marriage.

Two dialogues of this movie touched my heart that are ” when we take birth we don’t know ,who is happy, when we die we don’t know, who is sad. But, marriage is the only event where we see observe everything and marriage gives us life long memories”.
” Marriage is the only event which comes once in a life, So celebrate it like a festival”.

5.rishiraj sinhbaria

One of the rare movie that touched my soul….got instantly connect…I could relate everything to my life…busy schedule.. forgotten culture… importance of being together, culture….it was like a reminder…hats off to the makers for presenting such valuable lesson in such a simple way…. great presentation…set up… colours… dialogue…. everything is worth remembering…was fed up of Bollywood craps… after a long time felt so freshed and relaxed while Watching…. irrespective of what box office collection….this movie is now one of my favourite….full marks for such a beautiful movie.

Nitin and Rashi Khanna Movie List