MSCIT Exam Objective Questions & Answers For Practice in English | MSCIT Exam Questions

MSCIT Exam Questions – MSCIT Exam Objective Questions & Answers For Practice in EnglishMSCIT Meaning In MarathiMSCIT Full Form In MarathiMCQ Meaning In Marathi – mscit mkcl : MSCIT is A Computer Literacy Course & It Has Been Started By Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited in 2001.

MSCIT Objective Questions & Answers For Practice in English - MSCIT Full Form - MSCIT Full Form In Marathi
MSCIT Objective Questions And Answers

MSCIT Full Form In Marathi | MSCIT Full Form In English

MSCIT चा मराठीत फुल्ल फॉर्म “माहिती तंत्रज्ञान महाराष्ट्र राज्य प्रमाणपत्र” (Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology) असा होतो.

MSCIT Meaning In Marathi

MSCIT चा मराठीत अर्थ “माहिती तंत्रज्ञान महाराष्ट्र राज्य प्रमाणपत्र” असा होतो.

MCQ Full Form In Marathi

MCQ चा फुल्ल फॉर्म “Multiple Choice Question” असा होतो.

MCQ Meaning In Marathi

MCQ चा मराठीत अर्थ “बहू पर्यायी प्रश्न” असा होतो.

MSCIT Objective Questions and Answers For Practice in English | MSCIT Exam Questions

1.Circle the correct answer option for each question.

(a) Hardware

(b) Storage devices

(c) Software

(d) Output devices

2.Programs that coordinate computer resources, provide an interface, and run applications are knows as.

(a) Application programs

(b) Storage systems

(c) Operating systems

(d) Utility program

3.A browser is an example of a.

(a) General purpose application

(b) System application

(c) Specialised program

(d) Utility program

4.Althought not as powerful as a supercomputer, this type of computer is capable of great processing speed and data storage.

(a) Mainframe

(b) Midrange

(c) Laptop

(d) Tablet

5.Appl’s watch is what type of computer.

(a) Laptop

(b) Smartphone

(c) Tablet

(d) Wearable

6.RAM is a type of.

(a) Computer

(b) Memory

(c) Network

(d) Secondary storage

7.Unlike memory, this type of storage holds data and programs even after electric power to the computer system has been turned of.

(a) Primary

(b) RAM

(c) ROM

(d) Secondary

8.The type of file created by word processors, for example, memos, term papers, and letters is a.

(a) Database

(b) Document

(c) Presentation

(d) Worksheet

9.It uses the internet and the web to shift many computer activities from a users computer to computers on the internet.

(a) Cloud computing

(b) High definition

(c) Network

(d) Solid state storage

10.The largest network in the world is the.

(a) Facebook

(b) Internet

(c) Supercomputer

(d) Web

11.The network that connects computers all over the world is.

(a) Arpanet

(b) Lan

(c) Internet

(d) Web

12.The rules for exchanging data betweet computers is called.

(a) DSL

(b) Web

(c) Protocols

(d) WWW

13.Using file transfer utility software, you can copy files to your computer from specially configured servers on the internet. this is called.

(a) Downloading

(b) Blogging

(c) Filtering

(d) Uploading

14.Communities of individuals who share a common interest typically create facebook.

(a) Clients

(b) Pages

(c) Group

(d) Profile

15.Type of email account that does not require an email program to be installed on a users computer is.

(a) Blog based

(b) Utility based

(c) Client based

(d) Web based

16.The most popular microblogging site.

(a) Linkedin

(b) Twitter

(c) Google+

(d) Wikipedia

17.Using a keyword, a search engine returns a list of related sites known as.

(a) Blogs

(b) Products

(c) Hits

(d) Strikes

18.This is the internets, equivalent to traditional cash.

(a) Digital cash

(b) Ftp

(c) E Commerce

(d) Internet dollars

19.The continuing internet development that allows objects to send and receive data over the internet.

(a) HTML

(b) Search engines

(c) lot

(d) Web 2.0

20.Three basic components to cloud computing are clients internet and________.

(a) CSS

(b) Streaming

(c) Service providers

(d) Web 3.0

21.This type of software works with end users, application software, and computer hardware to handle the majority of technical details.

(a) Ribbon

(b) System

(c) Specialised

(d) Utility

22.A rectangular are that can contain a document, program, or message.

(a) Dialog box

(b) Frame

(c) Form

(d) Window

23.Programs that create text based documents.

(a) DBMS

(b) Spreadsheets

(c) Suites

(d) Word processors

24.Program that organise, analyse and graph numerical data such as budgets and financial quality.

(a) DBMS

(b) Spreadsheet

(c) Desktop publishing

(d) Productivity

25.The type of image that consists of geometric shapes.

(a) Bitmap

(b) Ribbon

(c) Raster

(d) Vector

26.An online diary or commentary.

(a) Bitmap

(b) HTML

(c) Blog

(d) Vector

27.Programs that combine a variety of visual objects to create attractive, visually interesting presentation.

(a) DBMS

(b) spreadsheet

(c) Presentation software

(d) Word processor

28.Programs typically used to create sophisticated commercial website.

(a) Game design programs

(b) Video editors

(c) Illustration programs

(d) Web authoring programs

29.Also known as an online office suite.

(a) Cloud suite

(b) Business suite

(c) Integrated suite

(d) Utility suite

30.Program that allows you to mix text and graphics to create publications of professional quality.

(a) Database

(b) Presentation

(c) Desktop publishing

(d) Productivity

31.What type of software works with users, application software and computer hardware to handle the majority of technical details.

(a) Application

(b) Linux

(c) Desktop

(d) System

32.The programs that convert programming instructions written by programmers into a language that majority of technical details?

(a) Converters

(b) Managers

(c) Linguists

(d) Translators

33.The ability to switch between different applications stored in memory is called.

(a) Diversion

(b) Operational Interference

(c) Multitasking

(d) Programming

34.Graphic representation for a program, type of file or function is.

(a) App

(b) Image

(c) Icon

(d) Software

35.This operating system feature is controlled by a mouse and changes shape depending on its current function.

(a) Dialog box

(b) Mouse

(c) Menu

(d) Pointer

36.The operating system based on linux, designed for notebook computers that use cloud computing and cloud storage.

(a) Chrome

(b) UNIX

(c) Mac

(d) Windows

37.The mobile operating system developed by apple and originally called iphone os is.

(a) Android

(b) MacOS

(c) iOS

(d) Phone OS

38.A utility program that makes a copy of all files in libraries desktop, etc is.

(a) Storage

(b) File history

(c) Disk Cleanup

(d) Optimize Drive

39.A troubleshooting utility that identifies and eliminates non essential files frees up valuble disk space and improves system performance is.

(a) File history

(b) Storage

(c) Disk Cleanup

(d) Compactor

40.BitDefender and norton are example of.

(a) Application packages

(b) Operating systems

(c) Apps

(d) Utility suites

41.This container houses most of the electrical componets for a computer system.

(a) Chip carrier

(b) System unit

(c) System board

(d) Unicode

42.The most popular mobile device is.

(a) All in one

(b) Smartphone

(c) Desktop

(d) Ultrabook

43.The mainboard or motherboard is also known as the.

(a) Computer

(b) Mobile system

(c) Board processor

(d) System board

44.How many bytes can a 32 bit-word compuer access at one time?

(a) 1

(b) 8

(c) 4

(d) 16

45.In a personal computer system the central processing unit is typically contained on a single.

(a) Bus

(b) Module

(c) RAM

(d) Chip

46.This type of memory divides large programs into parts and stores the parts on a secondary storage device.

(a) Direct

(b) Random-access

(c) Virtual

(d) Expanded

47.Also known as NIC the adapter card is used to connect a computer to a.

(a) AIA

(b) Graphics

(c) Network

(d) Expansion

48.This provides a pathway to connect parts of the CPU to each other.

(a) Bus

(b) Wired

(c) Cable

(d) Wireless

49.The specialised port that connects musical instruments like an electronic keyboard to a sound card is.

(a) eSATA

(b) MIDI

(c) HDMI

(d) Thunderbolt

50.Computers can only recognise this type of electronic signal.

(a) Analog

(b) Bus

(c) Digital

(d) Maximum

51.Most keyboards use an arrangement of keys known as.

(a) Alpha

(b) Optikey

(c) Daisy


52.The device that controls a pointer displayed on the monitor.

(a) Cord

(b) Printer

(c) Mouse

(d) Scanner

53.The type of screen that can be touched with more than one finger and supports zooming in and out by pinching and tretching your fingers.

(a) Digital

(b) Multitouch

(c) Dynamic

(d) OLED

54.Flatbed and documents are types of.

(a) Headsets

(b) Monitors

(c) MaxiCode

(d) Scanners

55.Device used by banks to automatically read those unusual numbers on the bottom of checks and deposit slips.

(a) MICR

(b) OMR

(c) FDIC

(d) UPC

56.The most widely used audio-input device.

(a) Mouse

(b) Microphone

(c) VR

(d) RFID

57.The monitor feature that indicates the ability to display colors.

(a) Aspect ratio

(b) Dot pitch

(c) Contrast ratio

(d) Resolution rate

58.Mobile devices able to store and display electronic media.

(a) e-book readers

(b) Lasers

(c) HDTV

(d) Whiteboards

59.Virtual reality strives to create this type of experience.

(a) Electronic

(b) LCD

(c) Immersive

(d) Liquid crystal

60.The study of human factors related to things people use is.

(a) Ergonomics

(b) RSI

(c) RFID

(d) UAV

61.RAM is sometimes referred to as.

(a) Primary storage

(b) Read only memory

(c) Ratio active memory

(d) Secondary storage

62.Which physical material holds the data and programs.

(a) Primary storage

(b) Capacity

(c) Access

(d) Media

63.Measures how tightly the magnetic charges can be packed next to one another on the disc.

(a) Density

(b) Tracks

(c) Cylinders

(d) Sectors

64.When a read write head makes contact with the hard dis’c surface, it causes a head.

(a) Crash

(b) Pit

(c) Land

(d) Scratch

65.This hard disc performance enhancement anticipates data needs.

(a) Disk caching

(b) File decompression

(c) File Compression

(d) RAID

66.This type of storage uses pits and lands to represent 1s and 0s.

(a) Cloud

(b) Optical

(c) Hard disk

(d) Solid state

67.DVD stands for.

(a) Digital versatile disc

(b) Dynamic versatile disc

(c) Digital video data

(d) Dynamic video disc

68.USB drives are also known as.

(a) Flash drives

(b) Ports

(c) Optical drives

(d) Universal state bus

69.An organisational strategy to pramote efficient and safe use of data across the networks.

(a) Cloud dynamic

(b) Enterprise storage system

(c) RAID

(d) Data mission statement

70.Specialised high capacity secondary storage devices designed to meet organisational demands.

(a) CD devices

(b) Mass storage devices

(c) flash drives

(d) platters

71.The concept related to using computer networks to link people and resources.

(a) Connectivity

(b) TCP/IP

(c) GPS

(d) Wifi

72.A high frequency transmisssion cable that delivers television signals as well as connects computers in a networks.

(a) Coaxial

(b) 3D

(c) Hi def

(d) Twisted pair

73.A short range radio communication standard that transmits data over short distance of up to approximately 33 feet.

(a) Bluetooth

(b) DSL

(c) TCP/IP

(d) Broadband

74.The speed with which a modem transmits data is called its.

(a) Digitaly velocity

(b) Modular rating

(c) Dynamic rate

(d) Transfer rate

75.The bandwidth typically used for DSLR cable and satelite connections to the internet.

(a) Baseband

(b) Medium band

(c) Broadband

(d) Voiceband

76.Every computer on the internet has a unique numeric address called a.

(a) IP address

(b) Broadcast

(c) DNS

(d) Packet

77.Sometimes referred to as a Lan adapter these expansion cards connect a computer to a network.


(b) NIC

(c) VPN

(d) Server

78.A device that allows one Lan to be linked to other lans or to larger networks.

(a) IDS

(b) PAN

(c) Network gateway

(d) Switch

79.Typically using wifi technology these wireless access points are available from public places such as coffee shops libraries bookstores collages and universities.

(a) Hotspot

(b) PANs

(c) LANs

(d) Extranects

80.Bus ring car tree and mesh are five types of network.

(a) Topologies

(b) Protocols

(c) Stategies

(d) Device

81.Facts or observatioins about people, places things and events are.

(a) Data

(b) Records

(c) Tables

(d) Occurrences

82.The most basic logical data elements such as a single letter, number or special character is known as a.

(a) Character

(b) Phrase

(c) Element

(d) Record

83.Each record in a database has at least one distinctive field called the.

(a) Key field

(b) type

(c) view

(d) Structure

84.One elements of database security is to provide only authorised users with.

(a) Classes

(b) Nodes

(c) Passwords

(d) Relations

85.The bridge between the logical and physical views of the data administration subsystem are known as.

(a) DBMS

(b) SQL

(c) Records

(d) Tables

86.Highly trained computer specialists who interact with the data administration subsystem are known as.

(a) DBMS

(b) Database administrators

(c) Data modelers

(d) Relational specialists

87.In a network database each child node may have more than one parent node this is known as a.

(a) Hierarchy

(b) Parent relationanship

(c) Many to many relastionship

(d) Relational relastionaship

88.Connections between parent nodes and child nodes are provided by.

(a) Charactors

(b) Objects

(c) Pointers

(d) DBA

89.Thow of the most significant advantages of multidimensional databases over relational databases are processing speed and.

(a) Conceptualisation

(b) Format

(c) Control

(d) Objectification

90.Object oriented databases organise data by classes attributes methods and.

(a) Objects

(b) Space

(c) Time

(d) Relations

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