लोकमान्य तिलक टर्मिनस रेलवेस्टेशन Lokmanya Tilak Terminus

लोकमान्य तिलक टर्मिनस रेलवे स्टेशन Lokmanya Tilak Terminus : Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and a major railway terminus is a railway station in the Kurla suburb of Mumbai, India. LTT is managed by Central Railway. Tilak Nagar and Kurla suburban railway stations are nearby..

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Information

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Railway Station

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Address Pipeline Rd, Tilak Nagar, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400089
Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Station Code LTT
Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Platforms in use 5
Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Previous Name Kurla Terminus
Opened 1991
Parking Available
Tracks 23
Connections buses, taxi stand, prepaid auto service

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Photos

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
(1.Lokmanya Tilak Terminus)
2.Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
(2.Lokmanya Tilak Terminus)
3.Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
(3.Lokmanya Tilak Terminus)
4.Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
(4.Lokmanya Tilak Terminus)
5.Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
(5.Lokmanya Tilak Terminus)

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Train Number

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Train Number:- 15645

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Station Reviews

1.Mitesh Sawant

Clean and well maintained station. Lifts are available for essay access to change platforms. Station is maintained fairly clean. Internet available for everyone. Being a busy public place the property is much cleaner. It connect to Central, North and South railway of India, from here basically train goes to UP,Bihar, West Bengal etc. Overall station is good.


Alies LTT have good space of seating and also a good place to park vehicle. Parking is payable according to the 2 hours each. It has a hug hub of express, superfast trains. Mainly Uttar Pradesh, South India and Many part of North India gets covered by traveling from here. Plate form ticket is mandatory while stand on plateform. Reservation ticket for all over booked over here. Inside will be rest room toilets etc.

3.Asad Khan

It’s a good railway station which is maintained but the service of the servicemen isn’t great. The counters are often left empty and the customers/travellers are made to stand in queue for simple queries because out of the 9 counters hardly 1 or 2 are attended. It attracts a huge number of people but the waiting room is quite small compared to that which leads to people waiting waiting on the platform which creates unnecessary rush when a train arrives.

The platforms are humongous and there aren’t any helpers to provide help to travellers like on other railway stations.

There’s no pickup and drop points for cabs and therefore it has to stop near other normal taxis whose drivers are terrible and create a scene to other private cab drivers.

4.omkar muralidharan

Station is maintained fairly clean. Internet available for everyone. Waiting rooms are also clean to an extent. Toilet aren’t very clean.. Except for the ones in the waiting rooms which are clean as long as there aren’t too many people in these waiting rooms.

5.Andy B

Terminus is spacious, but still under construction with lots of room for improvement. Seating area is less, but the general waiting area is big enough for current load. Not much options for food. Rickshaw drivers will rip you if you are not local. Platforms are still undergoing construction.

Plus points, good parking space. Still cleaner than other place.

The biggest con is no connectivity to local trains

6.Sunder lal Shukla

About the station:
Lokmanya Tilak terminus or LTT is a big Railway station in Mumbai. It’s a little bit crowded but management is good. All the facilities like toilet, water, charging point, restroom, waiting rooms are available here. The place is clean enough as per Railway standard.

Station type:
both facilities of local and express trains are available here. The nearest local station is ‘Tilak nagar’ station and to go there, you can exit at any platform, just go straight and within 100 meters you will reach the local stations.

7.Ramesh G

This station is located in main city , big covered waiting hall and large pickup and parking lot .
Prepaid taxi service available in outside of the station. Clean restorant located left side and reservation counter located in right side the waiting hall. Trains are not reaching on schedule.

8.Nikhil Gadekar

View of these station at night is amazing …. The station is well build up by indian labours ….. Security of these station is also increased by the government which very nice to see… And also u get each and every facilities here as it is on the busy station in world. … Here u can se indian restraunt (irctc) which is rated 4stars out of 5 so…. U get very thing here … During busy hours the crowd is increased ……..that’s it


Its the second major railway station for long route trains in Mumbai. It is near to tilaknagar local station. It is having nearly 4-5 plateforms. It is having a good IRCTC canteen where they serve fresh food as per rate printed on IRCTC online tickets.

10.Vinay Omase

Major terminal where almost all outstation trains arrives and departs. Place is very similar to airport terminal. Irctc canteen is nice and clean.

11.Jo Jo

A pretty good and a big one. I could not call it a hygienic one but yes it is average. Didn’t liked the Railway Police behaviour as they are very rude and won’t let you inside even near the waiting hall and will push you outside the station in the sun. Otherwise a good one.

12.Alam Shaikh

One of the busiest staion in mumbai. Always crowded and over crowded during festival season and summer vacation.

Station is build up good but not maintained well.

13.Shyam Singh

A big waiting area for passengers. Escalator on every platform. Elevator on platform no.1 . IRCTC canteen in the waiting area. Ample parking space. Well ventilated . Enquiry counter in the waiting area. Clean and tidy place.

14.Dilip Singh

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT)
I must say the LTT improved a lot related to Cleanliness, Parking space, Escalators (upward direction), Train departure display, Free WiFi and Security Camera. Nearest railway station is Tilak Nagar at a walking distance of approx 5 – 7 minutes maximum.

15.Vijay Kumar

Lokmanaya Tilak Terminus station ,
which is located at Kurla , also near the Tilak Nagar station .. approximately 5 mins.
Lokmanaya Tilak Terminus station, which is neat & clean & also free WiFi available here….
& The rest room is also good neat & clean & also parking available here.

16.Ravi Shekhar

Caution: Don’t hire local taxi or auto during late night or early morning. Generally they fool new comers by overcharging for even nearby places like Kurla/Tilak Nagar. Better hire Ola/Uber for affordable commuting.

A very good railway station considering Indian Railways’ standard. Infrastructure is upgrading with time. Escalators are there on every platform for easy movement. Cleanliness has improved a lot in last 5 years. Tilak Nagar is local train station at 2 minutes walk from rail track’s end point.

17.Harish Patel

Recently I visited there in non crowdy time, so the station was peaceful and clean. From past experience, I conaider that it gets crowded when there are trains starting for Bihar, UP and Kolkata, and most of these trains are not having stops in Thane. Also, it gets crowded in festival season and summer vacations because people have to be in queue here for hours to get a seat in geneal unreserved boggie in train for long distance.

Facilities and cleanliness has been increasing with time. Apart from autimatic escalators, Recently they started small vehicle like golf ground car which takes or drops old age people, divyaang people and people with some ability in walking… to platform and outside of station. Its charge is Rs 50/- for one person. Also no luggage is allowed on this vehicle. I think charge is little high for moving only some distance.

This station is at walkable distance from Tilak Nagar Local Rail station. And around 1-1.5km from Kurla station. Many major passenger trains start here heading to different states of the country.

18.shubham Mhamane

LTT railway station is well devolped station and it provide many facilities.
1 class AC and sleeper class waiting room are good and clean.
In that area have not good restaurants and another breakfast facilities.
Only IRCTC hotel are available in that area.


Good place for Western and eastern railway junction meets here.
You can go any where in India by this junction.
Have great concern about covid hence only confirm tickets allowed to enter and only after sanitation.

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (also known by its former name Kurla Terminus, station code: LTT), is a railhead and a major railway terminus in the Kurla suburb of Mumbai, India. LTT is managed by the Central Railway. The Kurla and Tilak Nagar suburban railway stations are located nearby. It is one of the five railway terminals within Mumbai, the others being Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Dadar on the Central line, and Mumbai Central and Bandra Terminus on the Western line.

20.Mehul Sahu

The station is under construction and its sometimes difficult to walk and the cleaness is good but they have to complete the construction work fast and the station is well maintained and its big too and it is the 2nd main station of Mumbai and no local train come on here and its near for those people who live in khargar and the main station of Mumbai is CST Most of the train come here the average stopage time for every train is max.

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