Jayam Ravi and Rashi Khanna Telugu Movie Name

Jayam Ravi and Rashi Khanna Telugu Movie Name : Hello friends, today I am going to tell you the names of Jayam Ravi and Rashi Khanna’s movie, so read the full post and don’t forget to share it with your friends when you like it. Thank you.

Jayam Ravi and Rashi Khanna Telugu Movie Name
Jayam Ravi and Rashi Khanna Telugu Movie Name

Jayam Ravi and Rashi Khanna Telugu Movie Name

No. Title Role Year Language
1. Adanga Maru Raashi Khanna, Jayam Ravi Anitha 2018 Tamil

Adanga Maru is A Indian Tamil Language Movie Written And Directed By Karthik Thangavel. Starring Jayam Ravi and Raashi Khanna. Adanga Maru Movie Release date 21 December 2018..

Adanga Maru Movie Audience Reviews

1.Prashast Singh

Adanga Maru is a power-packed action thriller! Featuring one of the most intense performances by Jayam Ravi, it connects to the viewer emotionally and that’s when the proceedings get more and more intriguing. Filled with action, emotion and suspense, it does follow a template used over and over in action movies but the execution is what does the job. Combining the hero’s brutal action with his intelligent mind games is one of the many things this film gets right.

2.Anirudh G Achar

I have watched many Hindi dubbed Tamil movies, but this one attracted me more than anyone of them. This had a really good story.The story grips you to watch the movie till the end. You want to know what happens. Of course you feel bad at some points of the movie, but it was overall good. Choosing Jayam Ravi as the protagonist was a really good move by the casting team. He fits perfectly with the role. Even Rashi Khanna did a good job. Overall I would recommend this to those people who want to watch a good Tamil Movie that will not want to let you press the remote button till the very end.

3.Vijay Mahendra

Excellent movie with full action packed and engaging screenplay with lots of curiousity and twists in the second half especially. There is no negatives in this movie. Songs are little bit average, but on the whole is a full pitched action movie with excellent performance from Jeyam Ravi and back ground score is very good. Worth watching once and even for the second time if you really want to pass on the time. Good Luck Jeyam Ravi!! and my best wishes for your future films like this especially very advanced technical thriller. It suits you very well. Keep it up!!

4.Lizzy A

Watch it in Theatre. It’s worth it.

Such a amazing movie adangamaru. Great story line and stunning performance from Jayam Ravi. The cop role played well by Ravi. This movie delivers family bonding, sexual harrasement, love, anger of sincere cop etc.

It’s very fast movie. Audience will travel with this movie from beginning to end. So many clap scenes are available. Your each and every penny is worth to watch this movie in a Theatre.

5.Priya Dharshini

Definitely a must watch movie during this vacation with your kids. I went with my 2 year old and a big other set of 5to-9 year olds too. They enjoyed watching and also understand the story line. It is a good watch and definitely a nice plot with the present trending gadget play..
Just go to the theater’s and enjoy in a big screen you will not regret!

6.Karthikeyan Chandrasekaran

Watched the movie. Before going to review need to mention a point. While watching this movie,in parallel space of the mind you can’t resist drawing comparison of this movie with Thani Oruvan since both belongs to same genre and have lot of resemblance.
Well keeping away Thani Oruvan for review purpose..
It is a good attempt from the director to make a engaging Cop thriller with Cat & mouse game. Jayam Ravi put up a nice performance in the Cop role. He is used to this Cop type of roles and plays it effortless. Dialogues are good and gets applause at many instances. The cinematography is brilliant too.
Now the downside of the movie is it takes own time in setting up the central plot by the time the 1st half is over.Even the cat and mouse execution in the 2nd half takes lot of time and it lags in the pace which is must for movies of this genre.
Coming to music department,this movie is the laziest work of Sam.C.S. till today.
From the title card of the movie starting from 00:30 to end of the movie 2:40 mins he uses the same repeated BGM
Sam.! It irritates big time.

Apart from this it is a good movie to watch out especially if you don’t compare this with Thani Oruvan.

7.Anand M

Jayam Ravi’s movie will always be different and thought provoking. This movie justified that. It’s intense on violence but perfectly placed as it needed. Could have avoided the usual commercial elements like songs. A hero centric movie with a gang of ‘TALL’ villains. They are as usual rich and so Thier kids are spoilt brat. With revealing anything I’m concluding that this movie is worth watching in theatre.

8.Dhanush Balaji

Old school movie..just a revenge saga ,nothing new in the film except for Jayam Ravi acting and Rashi Khana cuteness , although the content is about sexual harassment, its already been dealt in many other films like THERI, its a boring story , JAYAM Ravi keeps you awake.
Jayam ravi could have avoided this movie..too boring and very predictable and to make it worse, high expectations after Thani oruvan would ruin your day..
i will recommend it for a TV watch.

9.Vinay Namith

Actually a good thrilling experience while watching this movie and Jayam ravi yet again proved that he is capable of doing such roles. Excellent direction and script and performance of all actors were good…It is consisted of somany thrilling scenes and those last investigation scenes can be watched with same thrill and anticipation..With everything,it is a watchable one

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