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Cobra Movie Review

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Cobra Movie Review – Cobra Movie Audience Reviews

1.likhith chowdary

This was truly a brilliant psychological thriller I thoroughly enjoyed throughout the run time. Exceptional execution and screenplay gives you a feel of watching a rich-mind-bending thriller. Vikram, as usual, not only his acting was legendary in this movie but also took it up a notch with his medical condition behaviour patterns and expressions. I mean, maybe some people can even see what’s going on in his head by looking at his facial expressions and body language. I can see the crew and Vikram did a lot of research and study for this movie. Absolutely loved it, need more movies like this! Salute to Vikram for constantly making out of the box movies like this! You’re a master.

2.Dinesh B S

It was a great film. The story was amazing and had many twists and turns. But, it didn’t run well in theaters because I think a lot of people didn’t know about the movie well enough to think that it would be a good movie to watch in the theater. I think this is because there were a lot of good films last year already and people saw many of them in theaters and didn’t want to go to another one. It was very underrated. But I’m very happy to see it’s rating on Google reviews. Because i loved the film.

3.Rahul Lakkisetty

I like to watch lengthy films on screen, Really this is a good one and will keep you engaging for 3 HRS with out getting bored, We can predict few of the scenes but still its nice to see in directors way.

Few of the scenes doesn’t have any logics like Hacking and Action Scenes. But movies are just an imagination to treat us visually with out any logics.

4.seen vlogs

Guys what the magic was happened. I really stuck while I watch Vikram performance
First of all I want tell you one thing this is such a awaited awaited awaited Movie.
Overall it’s a editing and visual treatment.

Vikram the man who perform the double of recent miracle “I”.Guys do you know about ” Dasavatharam” Such a good movie with Kamal hassan’s magic.. But that’s until now.. Because now we have “cobra”.

Vikram’s acting was extremely grateful. Srinidhi a good role after kgf. She was acted very beautifully. Roshan Mathew a Malayalam actor who is a good performer with his villain character.

Overall guys don’t miss the extreme theatre experience. Just give 120 ruppeea and enjoy a lot after kgf and rrr. I’m proud to say must theatre watch movie. guys you don’t feeling bad after watch this I’m guarantee you.

5.Sriraman Kannan

An outstanding psychological thriller. I saw a lot of people complaining about the duration, but I personally didn’t feel it to be that lagging. It will be more engaging if you understand and watch it with more involvement. It’s not an easy to understand movie due to it’s screen play

Vikram sir has just rocked his role in this movie. Irfan sir didn’t show any signs of a debutant actor. Others did their respective roles well and a good concept from Ajay sir.
Hats off to the team.

6.vignesh sukumar

Hallucination handling is great, vikram excels as usual Good crime investigation! Good writing in terms of crime scene formation with mathematics and making it thrillable. Good picturisation on the Russian crime sequence!

On the negative note;Lot of elements in one single movie. Crime, thriller, psycho, heroism, sentiment and love

Could have trimmed the love part, exchange of dual characters, songs to make it 2.5 hrs.The screenplay and editing could have made this a blockbuster! But Don miss to watch on ott’s


Mind blown performance by actor Vikram. More than Anniyan. Deserves a national award/Oscar. Lengthy was the only drawback, but for the story considered it was ok. Songs by ARR nailed starting song aatheera , thumbi thullallo. Hats off for the making. Irfan Pathan was used wherever needed. All the female characters, villains, young Vikram were chosen correctly.

Have seen negative reviews. But this movie holds still the best in its making compared to others. A Hollywood feel.

8.Hari Bhaskar

You should watch the movie with an open mind. The story is unique and screenplay is good. The VFX is not that great but ok. Since the movie was engaging you won’t complain much. I felt there were some continuity error. Also you will be able to predict certain moments.

Coming to the cast , Vikram has done a great job. The interrogation scene was awesome. You are I’ll definitely feel the Anniyan vibe. Irfan Pathan’s acting like was ok and the lip sync you can’t complain since he is not native speaker. However, they could have written his role properly. Little Vikram portrayal was good. Anand Raj’s acting was lit. His one liner comedy was fun to movie. Other supports actors did their best.

Overall the movie run time is longer and they should have known this coming. The first half was the ok and the second was emotional and above average.

9.Mahaen Rajendran

This movie had a good concept, but the way this movie was taken was quite confusing. They twisted a good story into a complicated mess that was hard to make heads or tails out of. The movie was carried solely by Vikram’s superior acting and Rahman’s music. The writing wasn’t great, and a lot of music tracks were unnecessarily reused for “dramatic effect”, which ultimately made me laugh, defeating its purpose. It’s not a terrible movie, definitely worth a watch once. But only once.

10.Anand Vaidyanathan

Watched it yesterday and I liked it, the cinematography could have been better. They wanted to give too much of content, which kind of ruined it a bit.

Vikram did a brilliant job, but at times u feel its Vikram everywhere. Irfan Pathan did well in his first movie, but in the end u feel like he just vanished. Many may not understand what’s happening, but the movie will keep you engaged.

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