Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Review

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Review – Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Watch Online Hotstar : Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Is An Indian Hindi Language Horror Movie Directed By Anees Bazmee. Producer – Bhushan Kumar, Murad Khetani, Krishan Kumar & Anjum Khetani. Cast – Tabu, Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani..

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Review
Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 (2022)

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Release Date

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Release Date: 20 May 2022

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Cast

  • Tabu in a dual role as Anjulika and Manjulika
  • Kartik Aaryan as Ruhaan Randhawa a.k.a. Rooh Baba
  • Kiara Advani as Reet Thakur
  • Samarth Chauhan as Potlu
  • Govind Namdev as Tantrik Baba
  • Vyoma Nandi as Rajjo
  • Kali Prasad Mukherjee as Debanshu Chatterjee
  • Rajpal Yadav as Chhote Pandit
  • Amar Upadhyay as Uday Thakur
  • Sanjay Mishra as Bade Pandit
  • Ashwini Kalsekar as Panditain Sunanda
  • Milind Gunaji as Thakur Vijender Singh
  • Karmveer Choudhary as Mukhiyaji
  • Rajesh Sharma as Kulwant Thakur

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Trailer

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Review – Audience Reviews

1.Prajesh Kadakia

There is a big palace in Bhavanigarh, a small village in Rajasthan, owned by the Thakur there. It has more than 25 rooms, a multi storey structure with garden, big compound and there on the 3rd floor in one of the rooms… spirit is imprisoned named Monjolika by one Tantrik

He strictly informs everybody, come what may, this room should not be opened, or else be prepared to face hell, she will create a havoc

Kartik Aryan is good, suits perfectly for the role given to him, infact it will feel that the writer has specially taken care of the script for this lead role….lucky Kartik

Kiara Advani looks beautiful. In one dialogue she is referred as a Bomb….indeed she looks a Bomb here

Tabu… usual her acting is ace. Though her age looks catching up now, but her performance more than covers up for that

The comedy department in charge….
Sanjay Mishra as bada pundit

Asha Kalsekar is his wife

Rajpal Yadav….where were you man, long time….he is at his best, just as we know him in Priyadarshan Sir films, in here as chhota pundit

Kartik Aryan himself also has a good comic timing

Rajesh Kumar also adds up the humour, in here as Kiara’s uncle

The director, Anees Bazmee after a few blunders ( Welcome Back, Pagalpanti, etc ) is back with his artistry work once again in Bhool Bhulaiya 2
Mind you guys, people remember him for his past blockbuster hit films like No Entry, Welcome, Singh Is King, etc

He has weaved horror with humour nicely here. Things keeps on shifting one way to another and entertainment remains throughout….guaranteed

There are events happening continuously which you have to sense for what is going to come ( scary scene or comedy )
Will mention one particular dialogue and situation where you can prepare yourself for possibly what’s coming
Suddenly windows break, sofas and chairs starts moving, wall paintings crash, tablas starts flying in the air, glassware items starts breaking on itself

Seeing this Rajpal Yadav says….punditayin khush ho rahi hai ki ye bade pundit ne kiya hai, per mai jaanta hu ki unke paas aisi koi shakti nahin hai, toh phir ye sab hua kaise…..Monjolika bahar aa gayi kya !!!!

The climax is totally unexpected. In between you might feel it’s going on the lines of Stree or it may feel it’s going on the lines of Suryavanshi, or it may feel it’s developing the typical Ramsay movies angle….but it will surprise you beyond all this

Question no. 1
Should one go to the cinema to see this film or not ?
Go with less expectations and more of an open mind

Question no. 2
Does it any where stand in comparison with the classic Bhool Bhulaiya 1 ?
No….ofcourse not
The story, Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Priyadarshan Sir’s brilliance….all these factors are way way above, please don’t compare
But as I said, go with an open mind….just think Bhool Bhulaiya 1 never happened and enjoy this as a separate individual product

Question no. 3
Is the movie scary or frightening ?
Simple answer for this is…..
Were you scared watching Bhool Bhulaiya 1
Suryavanshi (1992, Salman Khan, Amrita Singh and Sheeba )
If yes, then this too will scare you, if no, then this won’t scare you

Songs are not interesting, but background music is impressive

Last week aap logo ko Jayesh bhai Jordaar laga ke nahin woh pata nahin, per yaha Kartik Aryan sach mein Jordaar hai….and Beautiful Kiara is the added attraction

Darna Mana Hai
Dekhna Zaroori hai
Watch it.

2.sudhanshu meghani

Today Finally watched a movie at theatre after long time and trust me..It was worth a watch full Paisa Vasool,You will not get disconnected from movie at any moment.First of was excellent and second also good but few comedy scenes if have been cut the movie could have been short and keep you engage more closely.

Story – Story is good and engaging,From first Scene will make you feel that what will happen next.

Acting and Direction – Movie really hero was kartik Aaryan he again steel the show and will make you feel proud,He has prooved again that he is really a future of Bollywood,Those who have missed him bad luck for them,Tabu was excellent on her part and she will made you feel why people like her so much.Kaira advani was good but nothing much for her in the movie but still she has done justified to her character.Rest Raj pal Yadav and small characters has played there roles sensebilly.
Direction was really good and shoot was done really beautifully,Some scene are shot so beautifully that for a second you will jump fr your seat or may screen also.

Music Was ok only tittle song is the best,baaki songs ki zaroorat thi nai.

Overall worth a watch Movie and no Comparison can be done with first part.No Connectivity,Good story and Excellent Climax or I may say surprised Climax.

Don’t Miss It. I will give 4/5 star.

3.Karan D

I have no words to describe how much i enjoyed this movie. I have never liked Kartik but went to watch this movie only bcoz i liked first part. Although i had low expectations but god i am impressed. The movie doesn’t take too long to take your attention, and when it takes there is no turning back. There are laughs and thrills at every moment which kept me hooked to my seat. Its super engaging. Songs are super catchy. Cinematography is brilliant.

Coming to acting i am highly impressed with Kartik Aryan. Its a big task to step in to shoes of a legend like Akshay and one can imagine the pressure Aryan must have to go through while shooting this movie but he delivered his career best performance. Kiara Advani is good but not as good as Vidya Balan. The chemistry between Aryan and Advani was refreshing. Tabu is the scene stealer. Among the old cast, Rajpal yadav delivered the best performance and those who missed him all those years will like his performance.

Overall, the movie is brilliant in all aspects. Just watch it without caring much about what happened in the last movie. You will thoroughly enjoy it.

4.Soumava A Paul

If you do not compare this with previous Bhool Bhulaiya, you will definitely enjoy the film. Tabu, Rajpal Yadav has performed as expected but Karthik has done a remarkably good job this time. Once again, please do not compare him with the Akshay Kumar of that era, its just not wise, he is far better than many useless star kids out there! There are good plot twists in the film and jump scares, a lot of funny dialogues and at the same time few extremely silly and useless ones too.

Once the trailer released I had no doubt that it will be Tabu and Rajpal Yadav who will keep the film floating but I must admit, I like this Kartik Aryan, the quirky, funny, yet charming and serious, the pyaar ka punchnama boy type role suits him, actually he is quite good in these type of performances and “Kartik as Rooh Baba” deserves an applaud this time. Kartik and Kiara somehow looked extremely glorious and adorable on screen like the typical big screen hero-heroine couple, I am sure Bollywood would soon cast them together again in a good/horrible film, only time will tell.

A special thanks to the production team, director, Pritam Da and his team, cinematographer and other members involved for not ruining the classic Bhool Bhulaiya. I have surprisingly yet totally enjoyed BB2 and I am sure even you will, this is a complete FAMILY ENTERTAINER, yes I emphasize the word ENTERTAINER, go and enjoy with your loved ones..

Negative thoughts:

Not only from South, Bollywood has now started copying scripts from Bollywood itself (spoiler alert- Alone Movie of Bipasha Basu).

I hope Tabu and Rajpal Yadav will get the same acknowledgement like Kartik and Kiara will, post the commercial success of this film.

Also, it would have been interesting to see if this film would have gathered the same crowd, public attention and reaction if the Bhool Bhulaiya tag, use of same music, similar characters like Rajpal Yadav, the name of Manjulika would not have been there because its anyways not a sequel in anyway!! Basically the makers had to still use the classic “Bhool Bhulaiya” to keep this film floating…Just facts!

5.Varsha Ranjan

What a full time entertainment! I didn’t skip a second of the movie and believe me it won’t let you down. First Bhool Bhulaiya was way good and actually you did not see a real ghost but this one takes you away with every bit of it and equally keeping up the level with fun, laughter, spooky sounds and entertainment.
Tabu is the lead role and an awesome acting. I went for the movie without reading any reviews or watching trailer and it was great wd excitements all throughout.

Kartik Aryan has done his work brilliantly and very apt for the role.. comparison with Akshay Kumar is not justified for him, because he will be remembered in this movie wd only his acting and traits.. he is extremely outstanding for this role and just apt.

Overall all characters were equally good. For me, Kartik n Tabu are the lead actors..not anyone else.
Just go n watch the film wd whole family and enjoy..!!

6.Bhavika Yadav

Excellent movie! It is a family blockbuster and surely it will surprise you by its Sound Effects…Watch in theatres is a good option for this movie. Acting pov, kartik did a lot, his acting,dancing, expression everything is well and, for me…. he replaced akshay, like akshay won’t be suitable in this kind of roles. For kiara, she did amazing…her acting was good.Tabbu did a awesome and literally amazing acting. Like vidya balan’s role tabbu wasn’t that perfect but seperately she did fantabulous. Rajpal yadav did soo well, like he nailed it! Amar upadhyay got some little role but still he did super awesome. Whole team camera man,makeup artists, director, writer’s, set designer n all gives us a fantastic movie for this year!! Paisa vasool movie hai.

I didn’t give 1more star coz of songs, like the lyrics was good,misic was good, both kartik kiara did well. But background dancers wasn’t fit perfectly in the songs like songs should need more guidance, but ya the tittle song was good!

7.Suhashi Mallimarachchi

First day first show !
It was more than expected !
Great movie coz all have done and given their best in their respective roles.

Loved the story and it was engaging from the beginning to end ! All the comedy scenes were great too , the whole hall were laughing out loud. And the entire team , director , producers , cinematography, editors , music directors , all have done a great job o

Rajpal yadav

For people who are still comparing and hating karthik for doing the role instead of akki ,, guys u all are missing out a good movie the whole movie is totally something else and it can never be compared to the first movie. Both the movies have done great in their unique ways. Please do watch it coz it’s a great family movie too. Totally a mood fixer for someone who has been facing and experiencing a bad day.

8.Prince Srivastav

Good story. Best directed.

Movie don’t feel bore at any moment. Not feel repeating itself. It goes nicely smoothly step by step.
Enough songs. Best acting by Tabu Kartik was quite disappointing in some scenes. In fear moments, He shows himself Surprise not Feared.
The best part – The Ending. One of the best sweet ending I have seen.
The whole story/incident related to the movie itself. No unnecessary scenes were there. This is why Movie is only 2 hrs 15 min which is again impressive.

Some scenes/ song will surely recall Bhool Bhulaiya 1 scene as they match.
Funny Acting by Both Akshay & Kartik if we compare both parts. Difference is in the last Akshay Kumar role get seriousness but in this Part 2 Kartik remains giving laughter doze to audience. Kartik manages to deliver an important work of revealing true story of Manjulika.
Go & watch…

9.Poojaa Shharma

An amazing movie to watch with family
Kartik Aryan and the supporting roles + tabu were amazing…. Supporting roles were one of the reason we had a great time… Watch it for sure!!!!! Specially Kartik Aryan’s performance in the last few scenes kartik Aryan has given justice to his character… He was really funny.

Tabu ma’am was obviously great. Kiara advani has done good job too. Yes bhool bhulaiyaa 1 was An iconic movie but this movie is also good yes not perfect as the genre were kind of different plus at least now we could see new concept instead of that old remakes of south movies… Watch it for sure. It’s a an amazing movie. Don’t compare it with the 1st one as its not about comparison it’s about having fun and entertainment which I fell this movie has done complete justice and the actors too have done justice
Watch it for a good laughter and felling stressed free..

10.Dinaz Ahmed

Bhool Bhulaiyaa-2 review : My honest review..
My rating : 7.5/10
If you’re thinking of trying it please do so coz it’s really a good one, but don’t compare it with the original Bhool Bhulaiyaa coz both are very different from one another, the story to genre it’s totally different..I had super high expectations from this one and i can say i am not disappointed..
It’s really spooky that i had a hard time looking at Manjulika (no spoilers )..
I really screamed with my friend in this particular scene  it’s so damn scary,i had a hard time watching it with a straight face lol
Tabu emerged as the main hero of the show,the super stars of 90s actually shows you who’s the real boss acting wise  u will know what i mean when you watch it.

I like Kartik Aryan he did his part really well and gave me goosebumps in the second half. Phew that was scary scary  He did a great job in his role, but Tabu stole the show..
Kiara is ok but faded near Tabu and Kartik

As long as you don’t compare the two movies it’s really a good one on its own..
Bhool Bhulaiyaa original remains one of my most fav movie (i watched it 6 times lol) but this version with a new story makes a good watch.
Will i rewatch it? I don’t think so coz its really very scary.

11.Karishma M

I absolutely loved this film. If I were to choose one character in the film it would be KIARA ADVANI because her role as Reet was AMAZING. I don’t think anyone else could have done Reet better than Kiara. She was basically the only one who kept me hooked to the film. I would definitely recommend watching this film especially for Kiara. Hats off and wonderful wonderful job Kiara. I am so proud her. Speaking of Kartik Aryan and Tabu they were ok Tabu was good in her character same with Kartik but I have to say absolutely no one can beat Kiara. Speaking of the songs they were amazing all of them were my favorite especially De taali and Hum nashe mein toh nahin. The choreography was well done for both songs as well.

12.Param Sirothia

Wow really a gem. This movie is so awesome and like I just watched it 15 mins before and now I’m here leaving a review this movie is a perfect combination of spine chilling horror, comedy. I can’t explain how much I enjoyed this movie it’s comedy scenes, and the most memorable part were it’s twist, they were really fun and music was great too. Nowadays we don’t get to see such movies . All casts was very suitable for each role. I just loved their performance so much. Although no one can replace akshay kumar but it wouldn’t be justice to say that kartik aryan wasn’t perfect. Even tabu’s performance was great too she did really gave me goosebumps while watching this movie.

13.Debasis Das

Initially I thought, How Karthik Aryan will deliver and fulfill Akshay Kumar’s vaccum but proved me totally wrong. This generation actors also started taking good scripts and delivering with perfection.

About movie, started with casual hero heroine flirting but then original Bhul bhulaiyaa. Till 2 hours it will be entertaining, engaging but you will be thinking why Karthik took this kind of role and at the end you will realise actually it’s one of his best ever movie of him.

Kiara is not best but good.

Tabu is Master class. what an acting! In this age also she look stunning.

I love Chota pandit, Rajpal Yadav. He is still best and one of my favourite comedian.

Go, watch with expectations and it will be beyond your expectations.

14.Jasneet Khurana

Honestly, The movie’s trailer was veryyy disappointing and cringey but the movie itself was really good. Atleast for me, it matched the level of the 1st part but definitely not higher. 1st one is obviously a CLASSIC, but this may not be far from it.

Just for clarification, this is not a continuation of the 1st part. It’s a whole different story. That is maybe why they can’t be compared.

Kartik Aryan has done an amazinggg job! In my opinion, hands down his best acting role ever since Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety.

Kiara Advani also did a really good job with the bubbly character she plays. She is capable of having good screen chemistry with almost any actor.

The humor factor of the movie was ON POINT! 10/10 for that!

Now let’s come to the main genre of this movie that wasn’t really there in the 1st Bhool Bhulaiyaa, i.e. the horror. Well… there were alot of jumpscares and moments that made me either come to the edge of my seat or hide behind my phone but I’m glad that it wasn’t ‘making me wanna run out of the hall’ scary.

The funny scenes and the scary scenes and the thriller scenes had a really good balance.

All in all, it looked like Bollywood has realised to do some goodwork after soooooooo much trolling and I hope that stays constant.

15.Khyati Segan

Bhool bhulaiyan
Manjulikkka is Backkkk ….

So as an ardent fan of movies on OTT platforms and quite complacent with it, I had almost forgotten the thrill of watching a movie on the big screen due to the raging pandemic. Something is better than nothing and safety is paramount.
But now that Covid is ebbing, the thrill of us glued to the cinema with loud music and seats reverberating to the spooky sounds the movie ghost was making was unmatchable.

Bhool bhulaiyan is the name given to the Haveli which has 15 corridors with 50 rooms with one room locked up with the spirit of Manjulika inside. To fulfil the last wish of their not so dead child Kiara Advani the family moves back to their old Haveli for some days. However fate has other plans when the lock of the haunted room is opened due to unforeseen circumstances. What ensues is chaos with one ghost at large, one lady who is trying to act like a ghost to win back astrology customers and one not so dead Kiara Advani living under the noses of her family members who assume she’s died in a bus crash and one Kartik Aryan who pretends that he has the power of talking face to face with spirits…

What’s the actual story?
Is there a ghost?
Or just someone trying to look like one?

To find out you need to go and watch the film

Kartik Aryan reminds me of Akshay Kumar. He has promising talent. Kiara Advani is good as usual. Tabu is fantastic as always. The supporting cast is well selected.

All in all, a good and enjoyable movie to be watched in theatres. Nothing to be scared about.

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